Neighbour Stabs Karnataka Woman, 20, To Death After She Rejects Advances


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Neighbour Stabs Karnataka Woman, 20, To Death After She Rejects AdvancesA 20-year-old woman was stabbed to death in Karnataka's Hubbali, reportedly after she rejected the advances of a neighbour. Anjali Ambigera was sleeping early this morning when 21-year-old Girish Sawant entered her home and allegedly stabbed her repeatedly with a knife. Sawant is now on the run and police are looking for him.

Girish, it is learnt, had been pestering Anjali to start a relationship with him, but she had refused. This triggered the attack. Cops visited the victim's home and recovered her body. Heart-rending visuals show her relatives wailing as the body is taken away for autopsy.

Hubbali-Dharwad police chief Gopal Byakod said the murder was reported in Veerapur Oni village. "We have registered the case and are investigating further to ascertain the motive behind this tragic incident. A team has been formed to apprehend the perpetrator," he said.

This comes less than a month after Hubbali witnessed the shocking murder of 23-year-old Neha Hiremath by her former classmate Fayaz Khondunaik on a college campus.

Fayaz stabbed Neha multiple times on the campus. She was rushed to a hospital, but was declared dead. During interrogation, the attacker told police that he was in a relationship with Neha, but she had suddenly started avoiding him, a senior officer said.