5 Facts About Srinivas Pallia, Wipro's New CEO


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5 Facts About Srinivas Pallia, Wipro's New CEOIT giant Wipro has appointed Srinivas Pallia as its new CEO, following the resignation of Thierry Delaporte, according to a statement submitted to the exchanges by the company.

Who is Srinivas Pallia?

  1. Srinivas Pallia has been with Wipro for over 32 years, starting as a Product Manager in 1992, according to his LinkedIn. He has held various roles including Marketing & Brand Manager, General Manager of US Central Operations, and Vice President of Enterprise Business in the USA. Mr Pallia led transformative initiatives globally as Senior Vice President & Global Head of Business Application Services and later became the Chief Executive of Wipro's RCTG Business Unit. He also served as President of the Consumer Business Unit before becoming CEO for the Americas region. He is now the CEO and Managing Director of Wipro.
  2. Mr Pallia is a member of the Wipro Executive Board and the Inclusion and Diversity Council.
  3. Srinivas Pallia earned his Master of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in 1992, focusing on IT transformation skills. He graduated from Harvard Business School's Leading Global Businesses executive program, and the Advanced Leadership Program at McGill Executive Institute.
  4. Srinivas Pallia has been honoured several times during his time at Wipro, including the Most Valuable Player and Chairman's Club Award in April 2004, followed by the All STAR Team of the Year Award in April 2006. Mr Pallia also received the Award for Influencing Analysts and Impacting Wipro's Competency Ratings in July 2010.
  5. Mr Pallia was also named one of India's 25 Hottest Young Business Executives by Business Today in May 2008.