Who Is Robert Fico, The Slovakia Prime Minister Shot After Cabinet Meeting


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Who Is Robert Fico, The Slovakia Prime Minister Shot After Cabinet MeetingSlovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot multiple times on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting in the central town of Handlova. The former Communist Party member took power for the fourth time last October and has turned the country's foreign policy towards more pro-Russian views.

During his current term, Robert Fico has garnered worldwide attention after a series of inflammatory comments about Ukraine, calling for Kyiv to cede territory to Moscow to end the war -- something Ukraine has repeatedly ruled out.

Here are 5 facts about Robert Fico:

1. Born on September 15, 1964, the 59-year-old is married to lawyer Svetlana Ficova with whom he has a son, Michal, although Slovak media have reported the couple has separated.

2. Fluent in English, he is known to enjoy fast cars and football and has a soft spot for expensive watches.

3. Fico was forced to resign in 2018 after an investigative journalist's murder exposed high-level corruption and sparked anti-government sentiment. But he came back again.

4. He sparked mass protests with controversial changes, including a media law that critics say will undermine the impartiality of public television and radio.

5. Fico's favourite saying is "patience always brings red roses".