UK Woman Had A Panic Attack, So She Used An AI Therapist For Help. Read Her Experience


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UK Woman Had A Panic Attack, So She Used An AI Therapist For Help. Read Her ExperienceNeedless to say, we are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence. The possibilities of AI are limitless, and it is only just beginning to be explored. Now, millions of people are turning to AI for one of the most personal tasks: therapy. With a global shortage of therapists and a surge in mental health issues, these AI-powered bots offer cheap, convenient, and immediate support.

Recently, a woman in the UK revealed that she turned to an AI therapist when she had a panic attack, Metro reported. Recounting her experience, Molly Pennington said that she was ''outright cynical'' about using it, but decided to give it a chance. She first typed AI Therapy into Google and clicked on the first link that greeted her with a disclaimer: ''This is not a replacement for medical or professional help''.

She was then connected with an AI therapist who asked for her name and how it could help her through automated messages. Ms Pennington explained that she was having a panic attack. The bot then guided her through several grounding exercises focused on her breathing. The woman claimed the exercises helped her and her panic attacks started to ease.

Though she had a positive experience, she couldn't get over the fact that she wasn't communicating with a human and felt a little uneasy.

Ms Pennington told Metro, ''Somehow it felt performative and disingenuous. I've never had that feeling in traditional therapy – though admittedly this could be because I've been lucky to only work with fantastic therapists and because I knew they were human!''

She was also concerned whether an AI therapist would be able to handle a more complicated situation than a panic attack.

''Don't misunderstand, I'm glad I tried it and it certainly helped me in the moment, but I'm not sure if I would personally use AI therapy again,'' she said.

''I can't see myself reaching for it for general advice, like if I'm anxious about work or have an argument with a family member. And if I was having a panic attack, I think I would prefer to watch a YouTube video of a guided grounding activity,'' she added.

However, she also noted that private therapy is expensive and not everybody can afford it.

''Only time will tell if AI therapy is better than nothing. I just hope our most vulnerable don't pay the price while we wait for an answer,'' she said further.